December 28, 2013



 Our life is short. We live a maximum of 28,000 days. If the day of entry is there, the day of exit is inevitably there. How long we are living is less important and how we are living is more important. In that life experience of living is the life, preparation for living is not the life. Thus we have to make the full utilization of each and every second in our life usefully, purposefully, fruitfully and meaningfully. Yesterday is gone which will never come back. Tomorrow will definitely come and we are not sure whether we will be there or not. What is with us now is the NOW. Hence utilize each bit of SPARE TIME. In the modern management it is told to undertake multitask approach, which can save lot of time, energy and manpower.
Thus utilize each and every second by properly planning the time available to you. Sleep till you feel worth and never more than that. Never sit simply without doing anything. Even while sitting listen, watch, read, study or think useful matters which can be of immense help for your TODAY and TOMMORROWS. Note down each and every work to be done in a note book. √ mark when that work is done. Go to the next work, do the same. I am sure you will be one among a few happy men in THE WORLD. Because many people are worrying not because of the over work, but thinking about the work. The tension is not doing the work but thinking about the work. After doing a work, further thinking is not needed because the file of that work is closed. Complete all the pending work and then take rest, that rest will be divine and without tension.

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