January 4, 2014

High-tech  hospitals, highly qualified doctors, sophisticated internal/ external  laboratories, high tech private laboratories, all type of  tests and analyses  are done for every  diseases known  even if the  patient has only a simple fever. Majority of the decisions are taken by the  doctors keeping the patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) and the relatives far away from the patients, by  directly admitting in ICU and keeping till the next patient comes to that bed…….
During the period of ‘Intensive Care’ in ICU; tests like  MRI, Eco tests, Eco scanning, NMR, EEG, ECG, and hundreds of tests for TG, PL, sugar, salt, cholesterol for typhoid, cholera, phenomena, tetanus, malaria, chickenpox, small pox, leprosy, AIDS, brain fever and so on ! The analyses for variety of bacteria, virus, yeast,  ring worm, tape worm,  etc etc, get added to this, to prove that these are absent and also to confirm that patient has only a mild fever. Every symptom  told by patients and relatives will also be subjected to medical analyses to prove that  what they suspect is not the problem. Almost every alternative days of the patient gets the bill worth Rs. 15,000 – 20,000  as the cost of  the  expensive medicines injected / given with or without  his/her knowledge and also the tests done!
The doctors  (Hospital Favoring Doctors – HFD) get commission for the tests  from the hospitals/ private laboratories and medicines they prescribe from medical companies.  Hospital + doctors +  the doctors’ favorite  laboratories are  benefitted through  torturing the patients.
After all these torture the final medical report  = “ There was/is not much problem for the patient, still we suspected brain fever for which half a dozen medicines are prescribed for the next  one month! The patient should report after two weeks to make it sure that, it is not brain fever”.
None knows  what was the health problem of the patient. But the doctors/ hospitals/ medical laboratories / medical shops  make money using the life of the patient . !   
The patient, if go  for a second opinion, the cycle repeats not as a continuation but as a repetition!  Another series of new or same tests on his preferred laboratory ……!.
Dear Friends  the only solution for this is that  you should find out good straight forward, dharmic doctors and good hospitals ( in your locality, at the earliest)  who do not live on the money gained through the above  medical terrorism. Never depend upon the so called ‘famous doctors’ too.
Pray that you should not get any health problem which forces you to go to private hospitals! Also   pray that the doctors  and private hospital owners who live like this  should understand the sufferings of the patients. or else they will also suffer maximum in this world and in the  other world!